Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Why You Should Introduce Others to Entrecard

Spend one hour creating a post explaining how to use Entrecard and you will be rewarded immensely in the long-term for this little act.

People who visit your blog, either from search engines or natural discovery using the search box on your site or browsing the archives will likely land upon this post and see the advantages of using the service. Then, when you "refer" them to it, they will likely (although not always) come back to your site for further updates, new tips, information, or even to ask a question (as you're the one who has been using the service for a longer period of time).

However, you have to be aware that not everyone visiting your site will take advantage of the review (or they will use you their advantage), so you have to keep the review as basic, sticking to the fundamentals of the program. In my opinion, a large percentage of people with "inside" information never expose the fine details, or everyone else will be able to replicate those results on their own end, possibly becoming more successful than the person(s) who leaded those secrets.

When you employ this basic approach on your website, people will discover how to use Entrecard and may even continue visiting your blog repeatedly in the upcoming period.

After all, it's worth a try and there is little to lose.

Friday, December 26, 2008

Entrecard Reviews and Tutorials

Below you'll find some videos that have been posted on YouTube as well as introduction videos from the Entrecard team. There may be others, so feel free to suggest them. If you have become familiar with how Entrecard works, these videos aren't necessarily for you, but provide new readers some tips on how to use the site.

Traffic with Entrecard

Entrecard Review

Entrecard (Introduction)

Free Traffic and Advertising Using Entrecard

Promotional Video

Friday, December 19, 2008

A Losing Fight on Spam, Addressed

As you may be aware, Entrecard has had a long history, having to battle the spam blogs on the site and members who don't follow the rules of the site. However, some of that is expected to be cut down, as more volunteers, five specifically, are being asked to join the site.

This action may help cut down on the time between someone marks a blog as spam and action is taken against that blog, whether issuing a warning to comply with the terms or deleting and/or suspending their account(s). Generally, the main purpose is to draw in more higher quality blogs by removing those that a) don't have the widget installed, b) aren't really blogs, c) were simply added for promotion, or d) haven't updated or don't follow any of the other terms, quality standards.

Here's a brief look at the requirements and prerequisites.

First, you need to have some knowledge of the terms, fill out a form answering questions provided on the blog post, at least three hours to devote to answering questions, moderating blogs, and be able to get in contact with the owners/higher-up members to address issues that may arise.

Because this is ultimately a volunteering job, you aren't expected to be able to work the full time, but you should at least focus on some of the core issues that plague the system.

You can apply through the blog post through January 4th, 2009.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Entrecard Revokes Transfer Limits

You are now able to transfer 25,000 credits per week, previously set at just 1,000, as contests were extremely limited in how many credits you were able to give out.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Huge Entrecard Contest at Cheth Studios

A huge contest is being held for Entrecard members through January 1, 2009 to mark the Christmas and New Year holiday season, at 11PM GMT. There are several easy ways to enter the contest, including blogging about the contest, referring a friend, adding the site to your Technorati Favorites, sharing the post through social media sites, reviewing any of the sponsors' blogs, subscribing/commenting on the post itself, or placing the contest banner in your sidebar. At least two of the preceding tasks must be completed in order to be entered.

More than 50,000 credits are being given away, along with ad spots and other miscellaneous prizes.

The Christmas and New Year Bash chethstudios

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Share Your Twitter Tips and Follow Each Other

Over the next few days, the Entrecard blog will be swarming with new Entrecard tips and suggestions from other members.  You can share your tips right now or make suggestions in the specific forum.

At this time, you are also suggested to share your Twitter profile in order to have others follow you.  Nearly two hundred people have already done this, so you should too!

You can do that at this blog post.  However, you are also suggested to "follow" other members, in order to make the whole experiment work the way it is supposed to - allowing more people to become familiar with one another through other social networking sites.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Using Entrecard: How to Build Your Social Profile

Now, let's get this straight: You cannot directly link your Entrecard link to your Facebook, MySpace, or Twitter profile/page, but you can still use it to promote these services and gain new followers.

Let's assume that you have a few followers, but nowhere near the same following that the well-known people of the well-established sites have.  This means you still have room to grow, but aren't so unknown that you don't have any people subscribed to your "activities."  Everyone wants more friends - this is how to do add more using Entrecard.

Ideally, you should have a "personal" blog in which it would normally be customary to blog about your other social media profiles on the Internet.  Otherwise, you shouldn't be using such a large marketing ploy simply to promote a single profile or two on your blog.

The first step in promoting your social media profile (using Entrecard as a sub-method) is by directly calling attention to the people who have found your site through Entrecard.  There are plugins that allow you to do this, which detect the referring site, otherwise you should simply be using standard, static text promotes your social profile to these users.

Other ways of promoting your blog (with traffic from Entrecard) would be through the all-in-one plugins/widgets like the one currently in use, that make it easier to share your blog/individual posts, creating a more uniform connection and interaction base between your site and other profiles.  In addition, you could try promoting a separate feed or newsletter only for members of Entrecard (if enough of your readership is through the service), providing them with information related to updates elsewhere.

By directly promoting your product to Entrecard visitors, you will be able to increase your "following" on these sites, while also increasing your freed readership.

What are your thoughts?
Have you seen any increase in Twitter/Facebook/etc. subscribers/friends with the increase in Entrecard traffic or has growth remained natural?

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Entrecard Introduces Twitter Widget

Entrecard has released a widget that has been placed on the Entrecard blog, which displays peoples' thoughts on Entrecard.

Entrecard Twitter Widget

Here are the benefits:
  1. Entrecard and Twitter are both social networks, so it makes sense to have them linked together.  You can meet new members by clicking the link in their profile.
  2. You will be able to increase your Twitter following by connecting to all the other Entrecarders.
  3. Help other members who may not have as much experience with the system.

Terms: You may not defame any member of Entrecard or its staff.

Thoughts: It is a good idea, but at at this point, I don't know how much of an effect this will have on the amount of traffic/growth you see on your blog or online profile.  It makes sense, as you will be able to quickly see all thoughts on Entrecard in addition to receiving tips on how to use the system more effectively/efficiently.

Your Thoughts: What do you think of the pair or the new widget?

Monday, December 1, 2008

Top Droppers in November '08

Thank you to the top droppers in November 2008.  It is greatly appreciated that you can continue to drop nearly every day.

Site Name - Number of Drops
  1. The Junk Drawer - 31
  2. Computer Aid - 31
  3. HRM Business Practices and Notes - 31
  4. MJG's Rambling Thoughts - 31
  5. Earn Blogger - 31
  6. My gypsygoods - 31
  7. Septagon Studios Inc. News Blog - 30
  8. My Thai Friend - 30
  9. More Than Sew So - 30
  10. Kuerdas! - 29