Saturday, February 14, 2009

What are Your Thoughts on the New Market?

As a few days have passed since the introduction of the new Entrecard Marketplace, do you like what is happening - have you seen any sales and how successful have they been?

I just want to get an idea, so leave your thoughts and any types of products that you are promoting through the new "exchange" system.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Marketplace Launched

As previously suspected, Entrecard has launched a new marketplace, which allows you to take advantage of the credit system to buy and sell any products and services. I believe that once developed, it will be a major selling point and feature for the Entrecard site.

How the Marketplace Works

Since everyone is automatically a seller, you can take advantage of it right away. You can find the options by going to the shop while you are logged in.

Entrecard Marketplace

One of the major features is that it operates on an escrow format, in that when you sell an item, the credits from the buyer are automatically placed in the escrow account, marked as received when the buyer receives the item. (Will there be issues with this?)

If you are one of the first hundred members to sell an item, you will receive 1,000 credits

Social Network Integration

This feature helps bridge the gap between this service and others on the web. You can link to Twitter, MySpace, Facebook, MyBlogLog, and so on, helping draw some additional traffic to your off-site profiles.
Entrecard Social Profiles

You will be able to change your URLs through the "Your Entrecard" area, which is where your advertisement is listed.

For the time being, however, I'd like to see how the feature gets promoted and how it evolves as more people add their products/services. For example, what type of price control will there be? Should many people take advantage of the system, more people will be competing with one another, resulting in prices to decrease, reducing the "value" of Entrecard credits. On the other hand, inflation could also be a problem if prices aren't reflective of what you are receiving. These are just issues that I am seeing at this time - leave your own thoughts on them.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Entercard Growth; New Features Coming?

Traffic in January marked a new level for Entrecard, with unique visitors (United States only) set to break the two million mark within the next two months at the current rates. Over the past year, growth has been up between 10-50% each month, with only one month where traffic was slightly down (normal with off-site tracking).

Comparing the site to another popular blog tool, Twitter, you can see that they are both on a path to exponential growth. Although Twitter has three times the monthly traffic, it was launched a year and a half earlier (March 2006 versus Fall 2007) and was showcased dozens of time on national television.

Possible Updates/Features

The owner of Entrecard has hinted that there will be a set of new features, possibly related to the Shop, which will soon be called the 'Market.'

Some details...

– Normal fees will still apply for credits - 12.5%.
– You can sell and buy literally anything for credits.
– The 100K credit limit will likely not be in effect (unlimited buying/selling).
– There will be a protection system to ensure that you get paid/the receiver receives his/her item.

You can see the forum post here.