Friday, December 26, 2008

Entrecard Reviews and Tutorials

Below you'll find some videos that have been posted on YouTube as well as introduction videos from the Entrecard team. There may be others, so feel free to suggest them. If you have become familiar with how Entrecard works, these videos aren't necessarily for you, but provide new readers some tips on how to use the site.

Traffic with Entrecard

Entrecard Review

Entrecard (Introduction)

Free Traffic and Advertising Using Entrecard

Promotional Video


tony dee said...

I've been using this tool for a while and still have not seen very much action from using it.

Entrecard Tips said...

@tony dee- A lot of it depends on what type of site you have and how you use the service. People who have been in the network for a longer time receive more traffic (sometimes as much as 600+ extra daily visitors).

It doesn't provide as much as some people would like, but more than nearly every other service, other than natural growth methods (social network, link building sites).