Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Entrecard Revokes Transfer Limits

You are now able to transfer 25,000 credits per week, previously set at just 1,000, as contests were extremely limited in how many credits you were able to give out.


maninthemoon said...

Interesting. I wonder how long that limited time will last. Thanks for the head's up.

The Net of Inter said...

Wow....didn't know it was just 1000. i just joined within the week so 25,000 is pretty much normal.

by the by. i don't think your search box is working. FYI.

Entrecard Tips said...

@The Net of Inter - I found that many Blogger templates' search box wasn't working. I went through and updated the theme to solve the problem.

your "Health Assistant" said...

Happy Healthy Holidays!!!
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