What is Entrecard?

Entrecard is a service that has exploded with growth since its launch on November 8th, 2007. While the original idea to have a free link/banner exchanging program may not be unique, the idea of being able to advertise across thousands of blogs and connect with new readers while growing your traffic is and Entrecard allows anyone with a blog to experience this.

Entrecard Screenshot

From this Compete traffic graph, you can easily see how the growth of Entrecard has accelerated since its October/November launch. By March, more than 1.5 million monthly visitors and 7,750 members were taking advantage of the program.

The owner and creator of Entrecard, Graham Langdon began a successful business called The Million Dolllar Wiki, which brought in more than a hundred thousand dollars in the first few months since it was introduced. Innovation continued when Entrecard was launched.

While some have doubted the success of Entrecard on their own blogs, it is obvious that there isn't going to be a slowdown in the growth or potential success that you will see as a result of using the system.

The Main Purposes of Entrecard
  1. Built on the popularity of the 125x125 (and larger) banner ad, the widget placed on blogs will serve as your personal "business card".
  2. When you visit other blogs and earn credits for yourself, you will help promote and grow other blogs.
  3. The credits you earn from "dropping your card" on other blogs and from other entrepreneurs advertising on your blog via the widget will allow you to advertise on others' blogs, once again helping you to grow your blog.
If you need a shorter, more simplified version, ShoeMoney (Jeremy Schoemaker) had a brief interview with Graham.

Interview with Owner of Entrecard

If you were wondering, there is currently no direct way to make money by referring others, although in the future, the site will incorporate a way for bloggers to directly make money selling their credits, the main way to advertise your blog.