Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Why You Should Introduce Others to Entrecard

Spend one hour creating a post explaining how to use Entrecard and you will be rewarded immensely in the long-term for this little act.

People who visit your blog, either from search engines or natural discovery using the search box on your site or browsing the archives will likely land upon this post and see the advantages of using the service. Then, when you "refer" them to it, they will likely (although not always) come back to your site for further updates, new tips, information, or even to ask a question (as you're the one who has been using the service for a longer period of time).

However, you have to be aware that not everyone visiting your site will take advantage of the review (or they will use you their advantage), so you have to keep the review as basic, sticking to the fundamentals of the program. In my opinion, a large percentage of people with "inside" information never expose the fine details, or everyone else will be able to replicate those results on their own end, possibly becoming more successful than the person(s) who leaded those secrets.

When you employ this basic approach on your website, people will discover how to use Entrecard and may even continue visiting your blog repeatedly in the upcoming period.

After all, it's worth a try and there is little to lose.

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