Saturday, December 6, 2008

Using Entrecard: How to Build Your Social Profile

Now, let's get this straight: You cannot directly link your Entrecard link to your Facebook, MySpace, or Twitter profile/page, but you can still use it to promote these services and gain new followers.

Let's assume that you have a few followers, but nowhere near the same following that the well-known people of the well-established sites have.  This means you still have room to grow, but aren't so unknown that you don't have any people subscribed to your "activities."  Everyone wants more friends - this is how to do add more using Entrecard.

Ideally, you should have a "personal" blog in which it would normally be customary to blog about your other social media profiles on the Internet.  Otherwise, you shouldn't be using such a large marketing ploy simply to promote a single profile or two on your blog.

The first step in promoting your social media profile (using Entrecard as a sub-method) is by directly calling attention to the people who have found your site through Entrecard.  There are plugins that allow you to do this, which detect the referring site, otherwise you should simply be using standard, static text promotes your social profile to these users.

Other ways of promoting your blog (with traffic from Entrecard) would be through the all-in-one plugins/widgets like the one currently in use, that make it easier to share your blog/individual posts, creating a more uniform connection and interaction base between your site and other profiles.  In addition, you could try promoting a separate feed or newsletter only for members of Entrecard (if enough of your readership is through the service), providing them with information related to updates elsewhere.

By directly promoting your product to Entrecard visitors, you will be able to increase your "following" on these sites, while also increasing your freed readership.

What are your thoughts?
Have you seen any increase in Twitter/Facebook/etc. subscribers/friends with the increase in Entrecard traffic or has growth remained natural?

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