Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Yahoo! Buzz Announcement

Yahoo! Buzz is a new service from the world's most visited and used search engine (second, depending on the particular service measuring visitors), that may potentially help bloggers achieve new traffic levels through the use of the widget that you can place on your site.
Yahoo! Buzz

The founder of Entrecard is hoping that the Digg-like service will help fellow bloggers, as their content can be published and ranked on the site by people who visit your blog and those that visit the Yahoo! Buzz page.

Steps to install the widget are provided on the announcement post, for both Blogger and WordPress users.

I feel that this may be a good opportunity for the Entrecard blog community to gain some traffic, although the service may be restrictive, much like Digg, of allowing smaller bloggers of reaching the front page.  However, if people join together to promote each others' content, it will surely benefit all the people that integrate the widget on their blog.

Graham states that "this is the single largest opportunity to come along since Entrecard launched eight months ago."

In other news, Entrecard has broken the 17,000 active bloggers mark, with traffic in July breaking the one million unique visitor and 2.57 million page view mark for the first time, an 8% increase month over month in visitors.

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