Wednesday, August 13, 2008

How to Increase the Cost of Your Ad

One of the biggest goals that most people using Entrecard have is increasing the cost of their advertisement.  When their advertisement cost is high, along with the popularity rating, that their site receives traffic and is an authority in their niche.  It also allows the blog in mention to have more advertising power on other blogs, as they receive 25% of the total cost of the ad (2048 credits/day equates to 512 credits earned/day).

While there are no truly "free" ways to increase the cost of your ad, as all take time and devotion to raise it, there are some quick and easy methods to increase it, gradually over time.
  1. Drop Regularly - When you drop your card on other bloggers, it indicates that you like their blog, and they may return the favor, dropping on you or deciding to advertise on your blog.  I have tried this method, regularly dropping the maximum amount of credits on other blogs and was able to get to the first page (advertisement and popularity-wise) of my category.  This is probably the most time consuming method.
  2. Substitute Traditional Advertising for Entrecard - Entrecard has proven that you are able to exchange credits for cash at a similar rate to advertising on a blog, so you would be able to remove all your traditional 125x125 advertising and instead ask people to join Entrecard to advertise on your blog.  This method may not be the most beneficial for your advertisers (1 day vs. 1 month+ advertising).
  3. Form a Community - A large part of Entrecard is built around the premise that everyone is in a community, able to help each other out.  If you are able to get together with a few other bloggers, possibly dropping and advertising on each other everyday, the cost of your advertisement will likely increase.  For example, if someone advertises on your blog, return the favor on their blog.
  4. Create New Content - One of the biggest things that other bloggers and I look for when advertising is new content being produced on an everyday/regular basis.  This is a huge indication as to whether the blog receives a decent amount of traffic, as RSS/feed readers will likely visit the blog when new content has been produced.  A big problem that the previous "quick drop" pages had was that the traffic was limited to only that of the Entrecard community vs. a typical blog with content on it.
  5. Gradually Increase the Cost of Your Ad (naturally) - As your blog grows and becomes recognized, the cost of advertising on your blog will, in theory, also increase.  As Entrecard typically features the most expensive blogs first, your blog will become a bigger target for advertisers, appearing on the fist page vs. the 87th page.  Keeping the cost of your advertisement high will also result in more blogs advertising on your site.
Finally, remember that you aren't supposed to do anything against the terms of Entrecard to increase the cost of your advertisement.  These were just a few basic tips to help you increase the cost of your ad using proven, natural, and somewhat time consuming methods.  There are dozens of other methods, but these are some of the main ones that people are using to increase the cost of their advertisement space.  
If you have any thoughts on this or would like to leave a response as to how you have increased the cost of your ad, feel free to leave a comment below.

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