Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Startup Experiment Using the Entrecard Network

The founder of Entrecard is putting his system to work, by launching a new blog and solely depending on the Entrecard blog network to promote and grow the site.
Entrecard Experiment

Tutorials, stats, and tips will be placed on the Entrecard Blog to help other members who may be using the system for a similar purpose (growing their blog).

He started with several requisites - starting with something he felt passionately about, is an increasing trend, affecting a lot of people, and something that will have a positive contribution to society.

Every three to four days, there will be an update on the optimization techniques that took place. Starting with the WordPress blog publishing platform, several common plugins, FeedBurner, a clean theme, and relevant sidebar links, he will drop 100 cards on blogs in that particular niche, and see what happens.

First Impression: I feel that he should have waited about a month before announcing that he owned the site, as the cost of the ad already skyrocketed to 4,096 credits, putting it as one of the most expensive blogs, indicative of an established, popular, or high daily dropper.  Instead, the experiment should have taken place after the one month period was over, then continue to see the results thereafter.

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