Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Entrecard Teams up with SezWho

Blogging involves the sharing of content and views, and the main goal of the Entrecard system was to help bloggers receive traffic, in turn leading to more comments on their blogs. To make it easier to comment and reward the people who comment, Entrecard has decided to partner with SezWho, a comment system with advanced anti-spam features.

Why SezWho?
The main reasons for the decision to go with SezWho was that it takes an "industry-leading stance on data rights", and the "system is so robust, so powerful, that your comemtns are leveraged tremendously via their suite of features."

Getting Started with the SezWho System
You can see a demonstration of the plugin here (video).  Then, enter the Entrecard Dashboard and sign up for SezWho, entering your email address, blog URL, and display name.  Finally, add the widget to your Movable Type, Blogger, or WordPress blog.

How the Commenting and Earning System Works
When you leave comments on other blogs and others leave comments on your blog, each party will earn credits, which is in hopes of increasing comments and reduce click through rates on Entrecard blogs.

Earned credits for each comment will range between one and ten, with better comments rated higher, on a sliding reward scale, depending on ow your comments get rated.  Two stars or less merits the comments as "spam."

You will receive credits twenty-four hours after you've left a comment, so people have a chance to rate them.  If the comment is rated higher over the next three days, you may earn extra credits.

The Entrecard Browser now has a checkbox for selecting blogs with the SezWho plugin installed.

You can earn for up to fifteen comments per day, or ten credits for fifteen comments on individual blogs, raising the total number of earnable credits per day to 350.

I believe that this new sytem will help strengthen the Entrecard system, as more people will be leaving comments instead of trying to quickly drop their cards on other blogs.

In slightly off-topic news, advertised in the dashboard for $25 for a single day, and received a pretty staggering 765 visits during the twenty-four hour period their link was placed there.


bonoriau said...

I already using the system really fantastic and hope will increase my traffic

Atniz said...

I joined and don't really see it's working that differently. But, I believe it's going to be bigger hit.

wolverine said...

this partnership has already helped alot... more visitors, genuine comments, new friends, association with readers.......
i have got many new friends and readers for this blog... all thanks to entrecard and sezwho....