Saturday, July 12, 2008

Entrecard Advanced in Customer Service

In an announcement today, Entrecard's owner stated that more support has been added to help crack down on spammers and help new members answer any question they may have.
Previously, the support was primarily through the forums, but now, more questions will be answered than previously, as long as you present them according to the terms that have been set forth.

Reporting a Site
You may report sites who exhibit the following:
  • Is a splog (spam blog)
  • Only has a single post
  • Quick Drop pages
  • Contains nudity
  • Non-English content
  • Incredibly offensive content - hate speech, etc.

Feedback Form
The feedback form may be used for these purposes:
  • Suggesting features
  • Expressing your opinion on Entrecard
  • Customer service issues
  • Need technical support
  • You have a complaint

It is great to see these added support options.  Reading the comments, "Skip this Ad" page owners will receive a warning and a twenty-four hour grace period before their account is suspended/deleted.  In addition, it will allow more new members to feel as though there is support behind them, as well as smoother dropping with less spam/fast drop pages - allowing Entrecard to focus on more features and get back to its original purpose.

1 comment:

Forexman said...

Seems like all this supposed hot news and the new features are a lot of hot air. The recent EC purge of sites leaves a bad taste.

Refusing to answer questions in the forum about why sites are deleted smacks of dictatorship.

This means the mods can unilaterilly delete accounts on a whim of a complaint by a jealous competitor (fellow Blogger) and not have to justify their actions to anyone.

I am all for banning porn, nudity etc as I respect the fact that kids are participants.

Why not spend their time weeding out some of the deadwood that do not participate in the EC process, and leave some of the active ones that have been deleted because of petty minded complaints.

Also show some consistency without favouritism and treat all sites the same.