Thursday, July 3, 2008

Entrecard Encourages the Use of Digg for Gaining Traffic and Forming a Community

Graham, the founder of Entrecard, released a statement and encouragement on July 1st, possibly one of the secrets that others were trying to figure out in the beginning of June.

It's quite simple to take part in the new "promotion", if you want to call it that.  The main purpose of this is to help anyone get a post to the front page.  First, you'll want to join Digg, if you haven't already, then find the comments section in this post.  Visit each person's Digg profile, and click "add friend", and continue updating as more people add their account to the list.

In the end, the objective is to grow a fairly large Digg community, in order for the members to gain more activity and eventually the Digg algorithm will recognize the community as more powerful, and it'll be easier to have the content rise to the front page.

You need to have a "Digg this Post" widget in your blog posts if you want to have your posts "dugg".  Eventually, each person that visits your blog (and likes your content), will "Digg" your posts, potentially bringing you thousands of new visitors.

[Source: Entrecard Blog]

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