Friday, July 4, 2008

Advertise in the Most Clicked on Location at Entrecard

You may now advertise in one of the most clicked on places at the Entrecard site - the Dashboard.  The money earned from this spot will be used to purchase additional servers.  (The post is dated January 1st, 2006, strangely enough),

Details About the Advertising Deal:
  • Permitted - Links to specific posts, links to the main blog, or links to products and services, as long as they appeal to bloggers, and any links may be denied for any reason.
  • Not Permitted - Links to anything that has nothing to do with blogging, and anything remotely close to spamming.
  • Price/Limitations - $25 per link per day, or $700 (a $50-$75 savings) per month.  No more than three sponsored links will be displayed, advertising works on a first come first serve basis, and you may purchase as many days as you'd like.
You may read further details about purchasing the advertisement on the announcement post.  With a one month purchase, your ad will be displayed to more than twenty-eight thousand visitors per day and close to one million visitors per month (Compete stats).  While the daily pricing may sound steep, your ad will be potentially visited by several thousand members, mainly those that sign into the main Dashboard area.

[Source: Entrecard Blog]

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