Thursday, June 26, 2008

Entrecard No Longer Tolerates "Quick Drop" Pages

Beginning on July 1st, many of the "Quick Drop" pages that people have been using to game the Entrecard system and so other people can earn credits more quickly will no longer be available, as the owners' accounts will be banned/deleted.

Recently, I have already begun noticing that people have begun removing their accounts because they garnered these pages, hoping to gain a ton of credits from people dropping or advertising on their site.

This is a sample quick drop page if you have never seen one before. They typically only contain the Entrecard widget, an advertisement, or link to recent posts on their main blog.

It is suggested that you delete these pages, your account, or move your widget to your main blog page, and then input that link back into your account area.

The main reason that Entrecard is cracking down on these pages is because it prevents the credits from being spread to honest members that run quality blogs/websites.

Many of the members that do run these pages have been noted, and may start receiving credit penalties for the drops they do on quick drop pages or credits that they earn from members dropping their credits on their pages.

[Source: Entrecard Blog]

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