Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Recent Entrecard Links

There hasn't been a huge amount of links to recommend since the last post, but there have been a few discussions of Entrecard worth reading.
  • Tyler Cruz - Good Riddance, Entrecard - Tyler brings up some valid points, many which I feel are affecting the overall system, including the number of spam/inactive blogs, and the way the crediting system works.  In my opinion, the new crediting system favors smaller blogs even more than the old crediting system, so blogs with traffic/click throughs and content are not rewarded as highly as those who know how to "game" the system.
  • John Chow - Make up to 5,000 Entrecard Credits in 15 Minutes - John Chow is offering up to 3,000 credits for completing or signing up for sites (he or Entrecard receives cash for doing so), plus an additional 1,000 credits if you complete all four offers.  Read more details on the offer with the link provided.
  • Entrecard - Entreview is a new site created for Entrecard members (domain just registered on July 2nd of this year)  The site is built on Pligg, allowing a "Digg"-like interface, so you can post or link to a blog post you've written.
If you have any other quality links worth sharing, please leave a comment with the link. It is much appreciated.

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