Friday, June 13, 2008

Entrecard Opens Blog up to Monthly Advertising

Entrecard is now allowing monthly advertising on their blog for the relatively low cost of $75/month. This comes after they have been running Project Wonderful ads on their blog, which has increased dramatically over the past several months to the point it is today - $10.20/day. With the new monthly ads, you'll be able to save more than $200 a month compared to the current rates of Project Wonderful, making it a valuable deal. There were more than 2.3 million total visitors (nearing 900K uniques) to the main page of Entrecard during the month of May, so I am sure that a good portion (at least a hundred thousand) total visitors travel over to the blog.

While the price is $75/month, the ad appears (in most browsers) below the fold, so it isn't as high up as it could be - hidden below an "About" area, Entrecard widget, 2 Project Wonderful ads, a poll, and a subscription box. There also isn't detailed information on the number of visitors to the blog, which would be valuable for people that are looking to advertise there.

[Source: Entrecard Blog | Direct Advertising Link]

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