Thursday, January 21, 2010

Entrecard Now Allows "Regular" Sites

As per a recent blog announcement, it is now possible for everyone to join Entrecard, no matter what type of site they have. Because comments are closed on the announcement post, I don't have a broad picture of how members are reacting, but I am open to comments here.

Rather than placing the bloggers at the forefront of the site, now they are putting users at the front. While this can be positive for the long-term success of the site in terms of welcoming new members, it might have an adverse effect on the bloggers of the site who aren't just a member to increase traffic. I briefly glanced over the twenty or so sites that have joined under the new "sites" category in the Browser, and many of them are forums and other community-based sites.

The only issue I would have with the new inclusion policies would be if they didn't screen the sites, and many affiliate sites or those with very little content would enter. As long as they maintain quality sites entering the network, there shouldn't really be a problem.

In addition, when you look at all "regular" sites, they are quite similar to blogs, however they don't allow comments for each post, or they don't display posts in a reverse-chronological order. Overall, very little issues should arise over this change.

What are your thoughts on this? Please share them in the comments area below.


Blog Tactic said...

blogs or normal sites doesn't matter because when you are in EC network, you are suppose to reciprocate a visit to those sites.

SANDY said...

Not happy about regular sites being allowed in. No way to enteract with them. You can't leave a comment for them to return. Seems very one sided and just one more of the bad decision ec has become famous for doing.