Sunday, December 27, 2009

Allow Your Visitors to Jump to the Entrecard Widget

I don't believe that this quick tip infringes on any of the terms of Entrecard, but will solve the problem (at least for some) sites where the widget can't be placed near the top of the site.

Essentially, this is an "old" HTML tip, but can be effective for use on your site.

Above your widget, place the following code: <a name="entrecard"></a>

Then, when you enter your website address your want visitors from Entrecard to go, append #entrecard to the end of it, as in, as this is the word contained within the shortcut.

Generally, this tip will work across all blog platforms, but there may be small changes if you want to use different text, etc. Let me know how it works and whether you see an increase in the number of clicks through your widget.


oyz said...

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Blog Angel a.k.a. Joella said...

Putting a targeted link on your site that leads to your Entrecard that is residing below the crease probably does not violate any Entrecard policies. But putting it out of sight defeats the purpose of the widget. Why would I advertise on a widget that few if anybody is going to see or click thruough to. I also run an all above the crease droplist from my site and this targeted link would not be enough to get a blog accepted on that list.

If people want the most from their Entrecard widget they need to put it where it is visible upon load. Otherwise it defeats the purpose altogether.

Kirhat said...

Hmmm ... pretty amazing suggestion, but I'm not sure entrecard will like this. You may have to check with them first before you use it because its pretty hard to get reinstated once you are suspended for violating the Terms.


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