Thursday, November 12, 2009

Entrecard Continues Nose Dive in Traffic

October wasn't a good month for Entrecard. Unique visitors dropped by nearly 7% in the month, with a drop of about 2% in total visits. Traffic remains fairly high, but you can see the progression in traffic declines.

October 2009 Traffic for Entrecard

Coming off a high of more than 1.7 million visitors in March, traffic is now at 1.1 million, and ranking is down 200+ sites.

While these figures can't really be viewed as 100% accurate, they can still give a good idea of the overall direction of site site - down. Not enough updates were provided, and the 15% reservation for their own ads also didn't appear to have a significant increase in their own traffic, but perhaps for new members, it did.

Additionally, you can't view this traffic as Entrecard's own, as it is a representation of clicks and views, as they serve the widget through their site. Perhaps the amount of traffic on the entire network has been decreasing at a fast rate, too.

What do you think about this decline?


JoeTaxpayer said...

I think there are issues.
The 15% I understand. Shutting down the forums and doing away with member dialog, not so much. There were parts of the forum that were very useful, too bad they felt the need to shut it down.

John | Make Nothing Online said...

There's no wonder the traffic has been dropping. There've been too many unpopular changes and a lot of active bloggers left.

Killing off the forums is one of the worst moves they made :-( Luckily Spicybugz has created a forum where all the old Entrecard regulars can hang out. said...

I think another huge blunder was for them to stop giving the receiving blog a credit also.

That gives people a reason to stay with EC even if they don't have much time to drop.

That change was about a week after EC gave me a "PENALTY" and erased over two thousand credits from my account. They never answered my three inquiries as to why they "raped" my account. That was enough for me to leave but I still stayed, just ignored EC for about two months.