Sunday, October 18, 2009

"The Ultimate Networking Tool" - Wait, What Network?

It appears as though Entrecard is doing even more to alienate the members of the service that are left. The forums have completely closed (and have been closed for just a few days now).

Entrecard Forums Closed

Without any warning, the forums were closed, and there will be no new one opened for quite some time, if ever. The main reason was probably due to the moderators and members who would often get into disputes over rather minor issues. It became spam-infested over time, and really didn't provide much value to the site.

However, now that there are no forums at all, there is no way for members to communicate with one another and promote their blogs in this method. Forums serve as a method of off-topic conversation.

Their Twitter profile remains dull and not updated. No new updates have been posted since September, and I honestly doubt how much interaction the members of Entrecard receive simply browsing and visiting one another's sites.

Finally, all new posts on the Entrecard Blog will have their comments closed, ensuring that no negative opinions are posted on the site. All one would have to do is enter a simple Google Search for specific terms to learn about the negatives of Entrecard. I'm not saying everything is negative about Entrecard, but for the most part, they aren't working on the positive elements of the site that helped it grow so rapidly.

Now, for a network built around developing relationships, there is only one way to communicate with the site - through email. This is an extremely faceless conversation - they will never know any other details about you other than your name and perhaps your website. It's a mindset and business model that rejects what helped to create the success. Everything will disappear within a few months, and it wasn't the members' fault.

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My Journey said...

Watching entrecard disintegrate is like watching a slow train wreck. It's demise is just around the corner and everyone knows it's going to happen yet they continue on their merry way. It is no longer a blogging networking tool. The closing of both the forum and blog comments are sure fire ways to drive members away. What will end up happening is a reposting of some of the forum nonsense that went on but on disgruntled members blogs where EC has no control. Disgruntled members will continue to ridicule EC on actual social networks like Facebook and Twitter. Their name is mud as it is and they are their own worst enemy!