Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Entrecard Resorting Back to its Old Ways?

Recently, it has come to the attention of some members that forums are being deleted (as was a trend in the past). While I don't know the degree of what was said, it is in the policy of many forums and sites to delete boards which have become racially motivated or that defame other members. I don't know the whole side of the story, but looking briefly at the way the administrators and moderators are handling it, it is reminiscent of the past, in which entire forums were deleted, without due reason - often simply because someone became angered at another.

As Entrecard continues to look for ways to monetize through methods other than placing ads 50% or more across all the sites, they may even go down a "premium" route, in which ads aren't placed on sites and access to the forums is given a more "open" approach.

However, should this happen, it would further divide what community the site has left, and this would further set the network back. Honestly, the members grew tired of this a long time ago, and those few that are left are likely not going to tolerate it for very much longer.


John | Make Nothing Online said...

There's no way I'm going to pay $50 per blog to use Entrecard without sponsored ads. Why hasn't Entrecard put ads on their blog, forums etc. Surely they should put ads on their own site before they inflict them on member's sites?

I'm not against sponsored ads, just the way it's being done. I don't want to risk any objectionable ads showing on my blog.

Entrecard Tips said...

I agree with you on that. There are few online services that are worth paying $50 a year/permanently for, and Entrecard is one of them that I certainly wouldn't. Just to remove ads and possibly give one or two more features, no.

With nearly 1.2 million visits each month, and a ranking within the top 1,500 or so blogs (Compete.com), the site should be able to monetize in some other way, as there are still enough visits to garner quite a bit of return.