Monday, April 27, 2009

Lack of Updates

Although this blog is still here and being updated, there have been little to no updates from Entrecard over the past week to ten (plus) days. I don't know whether they are in the process of trying to fix issues or the site is taking a dive towards a place that members didn't want to see it.

I see the main problem being the forum change, and how many of the ideas that were previously available are no longer, under an "elite" plan that has been setup. Essentially, it is easy to get in, as long as you spend at least 800 credits (400 ads at 2 credits apiece) or 410,000+ if you purchase ads on "popular" blogs.

This might make sense for those that have already reached this level, but for those with few credits and want to interact in the special areas of the forums are no longer able to.

Perhaps the main reason for this was to further deplete credits from the system, but the "equilibrium" level that was previously encouraged is no longer intact with the lack of updates - there is no desire to spend credits or "artificially" create them now that there hasn't been updates.

Not only have there been no updates from the main owner, but everyone else has become silent, as though the site doesn't have any meaning for those that are still using it (a lot of people say that prominent members have left).

What are your thoughts for the future of Entrecard?


Abhishek said...

Entrecard economy is not high as it was 6 months back !! Well we can expect it can gain 50% of the olden days back Again !

Suburban Survivalist Blogger said...

I've noticed a severe drop in the traffic I get from my favorite droppers. This may be part of it.

suwari said...

I still think Entrecard can grow and become the big next thing in Internet. Maybe it need some push, changes and advertisement. I surely will support will Entrecard. But i think wirh review or give opinion or critics to make Entrecard better.

I think with the critics then improvement need to be implement in Entrecard.

Entrecard, I Surely Support YOU!!!

TideTraveler said...

Entrecard is still a big source of traffic for me. I hope Graham figures it out or cashes out to someone who can. Their resistance to a dual ad widget is beyond belief.

Mike said...

Entrecard was better off before the 'paid ad' system. Now with the forum restriction - no support or means of communication for thos who are not a member of the 'elite' to get into the forum. I continue to use Entrecard - I find interesting blogs through it faster than other search mechanisms.

FishHawk said...

Considering what I have seen going on in the Entrecard forums that I am allowed in--especially in regards to the moderators, I cannot imagine why anyone would want to participate in any of their forums. Of course, I suppose that it may very well be as my wife said, which is that it is more of a matter of not being allowed in somewhere than anything else.