Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Cashout Now Available

After nearly a month since the first advertisement options were unveiled, you can now cash out your credits, starting at $1. This is a small update, as this was already planned, but it appears as though accounts are being approved after about five days.

In addition, the form to sign up is now HTTPS (secure), so there is less chance of having your personal information stolen by signing up for cashout.

I'd like to hear if you have been paid/accepted yet and what you think since the new changes have gone into effect.


FishHawk said...

I applied for the cashout several days ago (I can't remember exactly when), but I haven't heard anything yet. So, does it mean that a person has not been approved if they do not hear anything back from Entrecard about it?

I am thinking that I may not be approved because of not being with them very long--despite being ranked in the top three in my category for the last several weeks, but I have not heard if actual time of membership matters. I think I do qualify in regards to all of the specifications given that I have seen.

Your Fun Family said...

I applied for the cash out on the first day it started and just got accepted yesterday I think. That does not mean that I got any money though.

All being accepted does is allow you to put credits in your cash out area. My credits have just been sitting there. I have been wondering how long before I get actual money for them so I guess I will just wait and see.

suwari said...

@FishHawk and @Your Fun Family, same as me. When Entrecard announce credit can be cash out, I tried it but there is no news since then.

What actually happen? This is the only status that I got:
Cashout application waiting

Your Fun Family said...

Just thought I would update my previous comment.
I just got the money from Entrecard.
It took awhile but I did in fact get paid the $20 I was waiting for.

Shelly said...

I applied as soon as it was available as well. App is still pending. It's not the reason I joined but definitely a perk if all the work will be worth $$.

sandy said...

Definately don't like the new system. Dislike how many they've lost as bloggers, dislike how people aren't buying and selling ads much these days, dropping less, visiting less, leaving fewer comments. All in all traffic is most definately down. Dislike how I had to take it off my Today blog where things were just beginning to jell. Dislike the elite in crowd thing going on in the forums. My favorite though is no ability to welcome new people/bloggers. You can't even introduce yourself until you've purchased 400 ads, no matter many of them aren't worth much if you're buying the 2 and 4 ec's.

Changes come about as companies grow, on line is no different. I believe the way their introduced stuff, before items were in place, before basic mistakes fixed was a HUGE error on their part.

I'm still trying to decide whether or not to continue. Playing through, but approving no paid ads.


suwari said...

Im sad to see that, entrecard blog is 'dying'. I have suggestion for those people who keep 'fire' and 'smash' entrecard. This also can be included in the forum also. So even it is user 'fire' and talk bad, you can simply delete their comment.

Delete their comment, moderate the comment.

Symbian said...

What is exchange rate ec/$?

John | English Wilderness said...

I applied on the first day for the cash out, but still haven't been accepted. I guess I don't qualify.

I've accepted a few paid ads, but unfortunately ads I haven't accepted are showing up on my blog too :-(

Nightfall said...

I applied as soon as the cash out was available and that was almost two weeks ago but I haven't been approved as of this time. I don't know what's the problem why I'm not yet approved. Is there any requirements for you to be approved?