Monday, April 6, 2009

Additional Updates on Ad System

The "beta" system released to all members is now in its third day and there are still problems. However, some of the bug fixes on Dashboard approvals have been made. users with category or blog limits were being shown ads to approve that the ad network would never display. This may have been the reason for so many ads being placed into the Dashboard, without a user's prior consent.

Additional settings have been added to the Advertisement Settings page, which are already turned off by default.

You can now view the cut that Entrecard users will be getting from the paid ads sold, currently at around $1,000. This is certainly a good start, meaning that since the release of the advertising system, $300 has been made per day. Certainly not high enough to support withdrawals by all the members that want it, but once this gets worked out, maybe it will allow people to earn from the system that really want to.

Entrecard Advertiser Statistics

Additional clarifications and updates will posted as they become available. I want to emphasize that this new system is a major change and I certainly wasn't happy about how it was released and haven't seen any changes to support a "better" opinion of upcoming plans.

If you'd like to learn anything specific about the system, please let me know. This will help benefit the community.

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Apollo said...

It is nice to see the progress. As with any new system it will take time to fix the bugs. I am confident so far that in a few weeks the entire ad platform will grow and be beneficial to the 'virtual economy'.

I do think it will create a new wave of activity in the marketplace with new products/services offered.

Just tackle each problem one by one and do not rush the problem solving to a point where no positive progress will be made.

I like the work so far and look forward to more improvements and new ideas for the EntreCard Economy.