Saturday, April 11, 2009

Ad Prices Double

In a logical step to manage the number of paid ads, the prices have doubled, as illustrated below:
  • CPM - .60 to 1.20
  • CPC - .04 to .08
The announcement comes on this forum post. As a result of the huge number of paid ads the first day and the continued demand for them, the price change should help users that saw too many ads or ads that weren't really planned or thought out before placing - after all, $10 could have gotten a website 500 clicks, fairly affordable by any standards, when advertising across all blogs.

Even at the new rates, advertising is still targeted towards bloggers and hasn't seen a huge increase in price, especially if you are advertising a service/blog that is able to get a conversion/multiple conversions.

If you are a paid advertiser, the difference to your account balance has been doubled - if you had $10 in your account, you now have $20, to adjust for the decrease in clicks/appearance of your ad that would have been present under the previous pricing grid.

Performance Upgrades: As a small side note, performance upgrades have been made, with other fixes coming soon - possibly dealing with the reported paid ads that are making it through without prior consent from the blog/site owner(?).

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