Friday, November 28, 2008

Use or Accumulate Credits?

There are some people using Entrecard that use the system faithfully, day in and day out, who are able to quickly accumulate their credits, saving them until they have a few thousand.  At this point, some of them go on a spending spree (if they already haven't), or continue saving their credits.

Which direction is best for you?

Depending on your site or the features that Entrecard might roll out in the future (it is planned that the Marketplace will re-open with the option of selling credits for cash or other goods), you can choose multiple directions, which will be outlined below.  Now, I can only suggest general directions, as it is important to balance this depending on the critical factors put into place with your blog.  In other words, it's the ways that you save and manage your credits.
  1. No Dropping/Direct Earning - You will only be using credits that you have earned through advertisers on your widget, creating new posts, etc.  
  2. Drop, then Use Credits - You will earn credits through dropping and all other sources, but then use them nearly immediately to purchase advertising spots on other sites.  In some cases, you will save a few hundred to purchase higher-priced ad slots.
  3. Saving Credits - All (or nearly all) credits that you have earned will be saved into your account, possibly for future use.
Which of these methods do you employ on your blog/site to achieve the best results?


ImitationAngel said...

When I first started at Entrecard I would spend the credits as I got them. As time went on I started to see how expensive advertising was so now I save them. I do spend some at some moderately priced sites but I also make a point to save some in case I want to spend 3-4k on one of the more popular sites.

Leon said...

I simply save my credits to advertise on the more reputable blogs.

Entrecard Tips said...

@Recent Commenters - There is no best solution, as is the case for both of you, and there are several different ways to use your credits.