Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Get in Early, Leave Late

This post, titled "Get in Early, Leave Late" is meant to help you judge when the best time is to join Entrecard if you haven't already.

I was a little late in joining the system, although I have taken advantage of it heavily primarily in the past few months, as it has been an enormous help in growing a community while growing traffic.

There are still quite a few people who actively participate in the site, who were there when it first launched, and they have been able to use the system to its full intentions - gaining subscribers and traffic along the way.

Following the mindset of the post, there is little to lose in joining the site right now.  This is not a paid advertisement, as this blog reflects on Entrecard news and announcements, but simply a call out to those of you who haven't signed up for the service.  There is little to lose except the time you spend commenting, visiting others' blogs, and connecting with other bloggers who share your passions.

What Else Will You Gain?
  • Subscribers from people who find your blog and find it interesting.
  • New visitors - people who would never have visited your blog otherwise.
  • An increase in comments from people who want to share their thoughts on your posts.
  • Tips and tutorials on blogging from their blog.
  • Tools to help market your blog to the world.
  • Ways to earn money (in the future).

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