Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Entrecard Marks One-Year Anniversary

As the first year of Entrecard has passed, the entire community behind the system and its owner are eagerly looking onto year two of the powerful system.

In this post, Graham (the owner/creator) outlined what is to be expected from year two of the site.

Statistic - Five million visits per month are generated through the system to the members that are a part of the site.  Assuming that all blogs are as active as one another, that means (according to the number of blogs in the network, which also includes new blogs, 'spam' blogs, and inactive blogs) that the average site receives 189 visits referred through the site by placing ads or dropping credits on other sites.  Not too shabby for a site that was started just a year ago.  Again the main purpose was reiterated - that is, to help bloggers succeed.

In Year Two
  1. The shop will be re-released with a feedback system.  Within this area, you will be able to sell anything for credits.  It appears at this point the vision is for it to be somewhat like eBay, where you will be able to purchase items with credits, helping improve the economy and give you opportunities to use credits for other purposes other than advertising on other blogs.
  2. A credit exchange will be added, so you can buy and sell credits from your dashboard.  This will allow people to generate a little side cash from their efforts using the system.
  3. Partnerships with other services and more features as the site grows.
  4. More feedback/personalized touches from members: You can now use the username Blogger and the password entrecard to blog on their blog by logging in at: http://entrecard.com/blog/wp-admin.   Your article must be related to blog industry news, making money with your blog, tips and tricks to improve your blog, and Entrecard news and announcements (by Entrecard administrators).  You will be able to post a link/image at the top of the most directing readers to your site, which should further help you build your blog over time.
  5. For the past month or so, contests were posted on the blog, but with the change of direction, they will be moved to a separate forum with new contest announcements and updates.
Your Thoughts
What do you think needs to be "fixed" in the system?  Which of these features do you want the most or will benefit the community the most?  Weigh in with your thoughts and ideas.
Turnip of Power also remarked on the results of the first year in a "grade" format.

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