Thursday, September 18, 2008

Blog Quality Standards Updated

Good news for people that were becoming tired of seeing an influx of spam and "useless" blogs on Entrecard - more strict and pronounced standards have been created, making it less possible to use the system for promoting spam sites.

Blog Quality Standards | Post

These standards listed below are copied from the Quality Standards page, for reference (use link above to travel directly to page).

While some criticism has arisen from members, I believe that it is in the best intentions of all members that these standards are enforced and carried out - by reporting sites and making sure that all your blogs are high in quality.


  1. No nudity: Entrecard, and its members blogs, are generally family friendly. Blogs with images containing nudity are not permitted. This includes nudity in advertisements.

  2. English only: Until we develop the infrastructure necessary to facilitate non-English language blogs, English is the only language allowed in Entrecard.

  3. Minimum 5 posts: Blogs with no posts, or less than 5 posts, will be removed.

  4. Content must be original: Unoriginal content provides no value to the reader. A site that consists only of posts from “free article” sites, copies of articles from news sites, stolen or scraped content is not allowed.

  5. No full-screen ads: Blogs that include a “Skip This Ad” popup or other full-screen ads will be removed.

  6. No illegal file downloads: Blogs that link to illegally shared files, such as music, movies or software, will be removed. By “illegal” we mean content that you do not have the right to distribute. Linking to free, legal music and software is permitted.

  7. Entrecard widget must be present: Including the widget on your site is a requirement if you wish to participate in Entrecard. Note: Please see Note 1 regarding

  8. No redirects: Sites that use a redirect (such as tinyurl links) as the URL on their account will be deleted.

  9. No duplicate accounts: If you have more than one account for the same blog, the duplicate account will be deleted.

  10. URLs must be valid: Sites with URLs that do not work or are wrongly typed will be deleted.

  11. No autoplaying audio: This includes music that plays automatically when you visit the page, or short audio ads that come up unannounced.

  12. Content must be recent: Sites that have not been updated in six months will be removed.
1. Sites on cannot place the Entrecard widget, as JavaScript is not permitted. Please use this form to ask to allow the Entrecard widget. The more people who do it, the more likely it is to happen. Until they allow the widget, existing sites on will not normally be deleted for not having the widget, however please do not register any new Entrecard accounts for blogs situated on Also, if you have an account for a blog, please do not drop cards until the situation is resolved. We apologise for the inconvenience.

Additional Rules

Sites that violate the above guidelines are fairly easy to spot. There are some additional requirements, many of which are subjective.
A1. Sites that are not blogs, e.g. indexes, directories, forums, or stores. Note: In some cases a site may be allowed if it is not a blog. The site must have a blog attached to it that meets the rest of our Blog Quality Standards, and the Entrecard account must link to the blog rather than the site itself.
A2. Sites that only consist of paid posts, product review, affiliate links, or general spam. Basically, sites that only exist to make money without providing any useful content. Note: This does not mean that Make Money Online blogs are not allowed. It just means that the blog must have some valuable content and not be entirely made up of paid posts.

What to do if your site is deleted

You will receive an email confirming the deletion along with a reason. If you can update your site so it meets our quality standards, please contact support at entrecard dot com. We will not reopen accounts until they meet all of the above quality standards.

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