Thursday, September 18, 2008

Additional Entrecard News for September 19, 2008

This week, there were some useful posts published on the Entrecard blog.  In addition, here are some resources that have been published throughout the Internet.
  • Is Your Blog Web 2.0 Compliant? [Entrecard Blog] - Post on how social media and other related tools can affect the mindset of bloggers looking to get traffic from these sources vs. "natural" sources.
  • Transactions Page (may have been) Updated - I notices that the "transactions" page now allows you to exclude '1 credit transactions', making it easier to find who sent you credits, you sent credits, etc.
  • Impact of US Economy on Blogosphere [Entrecard Blog] - Thoughts from Entrecard's owner on the looming downfall of the economy and how the blogosphere may be spared or at a minimum from the worst.
  • How to Increase Price of Entrecard Credits [Entrecard Forums]
Please leave your thoughts on these issues discussed and any additional links you want to share.

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