Saturday, August 2, 2008

August 3rd Entrecard Links

While there weren't many updates this week directly related to Entrecard, there will likely be more with the next week, as a "big" announcement will be posted tomorrow (August 3rd), which will likely benefit bloggers - in the form of either profit or traffic/comments.

Graham also mentioned how it is important to have a set of quality advertisers on your blog [post].  As a result of the need to help fellow bloggers promote their blogs, he has decided to slash the price of monthly advertising on the blog to $50 (previously $150) for the month of August [post].

In some musings on the Entrecard credit economy, one of the admins noted some future plans on the direction of the site and the credit system, which is worth reading [forum post]:

The first is luxury goods. We're trying to come up with things that will be worth paying a pile of credits for, to try and get those big credit lots moving without basically being binned at ebay.
The second is general credit sinks. We want to give people more variety in their spending options, because it's clear that not everyone really wants to advertise - one of the more interesting discoveries is that if the price of advertising goes up, the total spend does not increase, despite the fact that there are credits to spare in "savings". These credits are essentially dead for advertising purposes - the holders are not willing to spend them on ads - so we'd like to find ways of shaking them lose in a valuable fashion.
The last is that we are in the early stages of considering removing the "magic" from the economy entirely. At the moment, each day X new credits are generated by dropping, and Y credits are removed via the tax system. When they're removed they're destroyed, we don't store them up or anything.

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