Thursday, May 20, 2010

New Entrecard Reviews Area

Entrecard has recently improved the "details" page associated with each website on the network. The changes include a tabbed interface, split into a "reviews," "dropped cards," "favorites," "blogs," and "similar blogs" tabs.

Even though one of your visitors may not be a member of Entrecard, they can still leave a review of your site if they sign into Facebook or Twitter.

Another way that this tool can be integrated into your site is using the "Is this your site?" link, which brings up a listing of HTML images you can embed into your blog's sidebar to let others review your site.

What do you think of these features?


Layla White in Canada said...

I guess they did but I don't see that many people reviewing or commenting on it. The nature of Entrecard is quick drop and go. Visitors just drop then leave.

Anonymous said...

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