Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Just a Friendly Reminder

According to the Terms of Entrecard: "Widgets must be placed "above the fold." (No more than 850 pixels from the top of the page.)"

There have been a lot of blogs not following this as of late.


Jezza Mari said...

thanks for reminding!

JessQ said...

That is very true, Kevin. I hope the Entrecard administrators admonish fellow bloggers who are not mindful or perhaps unaware of these simple regulations.

Happy Thoughts said...

Oh my, I certainly am not aware of this. I was active with Entrecard a few months back but has just recently resumed. Thanks for this reminder.e

Faith and Facts said...

This is a huge problem with EC and should be policed and penalized.

John said...

I thought Entrecard had relaxed this rule to within one scroll down from the fold? See here:


All the help files and documents are out of date anyway. I assume this was another bit that didn't get updated.