Sunday, May 10, 2009

April Traffic Figures for Entrecard

It now appears as though traffic growth is slowing down slightly for Entrecard. Now, you have to take into account that a large number of bloggers left the network in April, when many of the largest paid-ads changes were taking place.

Entrecard Traffic Statistics

When you look at these figures, you have to take the overall trend, as traffic can vary greatly from one month to another and the quality of traffic you get from the service depends largely on how you use it. Additionally, any large drops in the overall traffic will mean less traffic to "distribute" among members.

Unique Visitors: 1,606,693, down 6.85%
Total Visits: 3,729,677, down 11.95%
Overall Rank: 1,127, down 81 places
Traffic from Blogger and Blogspot Total: 19.69%

Compared to other services that try to aim at the same niche, it is currently between MyBlogLog (1,014,560 unique visitors) and Blog Catalog (1,964,161 unique visitors).

Please note that traffic numbers from Compete are generally from the United States.


BigDaddyRichard said...

You need to take into account the effect of the EC widget loading problems we encountered during the entry of paid ads. Up to now we encounter such problems! This has slowed the visits. It takes longer to make some even need to refresh pages 3 or 4 times to get the widget loaded properly. I only read about the problem once in the EC forums. People assumed the problem have been addressed but the truth is it has affected the loading times of the EC widget. For people with very little time to spend making drops, they just will abandon the chore. They need to look at this area too!

Suburban Survivalist Blogger said...

Also take into consideration the effects of the paid ads on those that 'surf' from EC widget to the next. That method of dropping and reading blogs is now dead due to the Paid Ads -- So it will take time for the traffic from those people to re-distribute.