Thursday, April 2, 2009

A Note on Blogs

The post about Entrecard and the removal process has been updated, with the following addition/change:
Instead of forcing you to take the widgets down and then having to police
everyone's blogs we're giving everyone 2 weeks notice that as of 4/7/09 we
will no longer be paying for traffic from Entrecard. If you still find value in
the traffic without being paid for it then you're free to leave the widget up,
however, no paid ads must be shown on it.
For various reasons, it was spread around the Entrecard sites that everyone using the blog service would have to remove the widget, but now it appears that is not the case, and you may keep the widget up as long as you "reject" the ads when the new system is implemented. I don't know whether there will be limitations, such as you not being able to display the paid, third-party advertisements.

The original goal of Entrecard was to form a community, and when many of the bloggers announced that they were leaving, they still wanted to read the blogs and thoughts from people they had met through the system. By following the steps that have been posted on the Forums, you can remain a part of the network, continue receiving traffic, and continue commenting and dropping on other blogs.

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