Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The Transition Over to the New Ad Network

It appears as though the transition over to the new ad network will be taking place within the next couple days.

There have been some hard announcements over the past several days, including one that will disrupt members of the blog network, as they have chosen to not allow the widget on the blogs using their service in the future. Anyone with a * blog will have to remove the widget within the ~two week time frame that they have provided.

The framework and backend for the new ad network is being implemented, one step at a time. You can see a screenshot of what will be offered to advertisers/publishers when the system is launched below. Please note that this is an ongoing process - with further testing, it might not be until early April when everything is finalized if everything works out and longer until you can sell credits for cash.

Entrecard ADN Status

When everything is changed over, there will be improvements and benefits for users and more options as time progresses. This view may not be echoed by all members, but this change was coming and was in the works for nearly a year, more so since funding has decreased and the site needed to earn more capital to continue its operation.

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