Sunday, January 11, 2009

Top Droppers Day

On the last day of January, the entire Entrecard community will participate in a small event callled "Top Dropper Day."

If you are active in rewarding the people that visit your blog and drop their "card" the most often, the day shouldn't be any different than any other day. However, there will be a bigger push to get more people to reward the top 10 (or more) people that have dropped by. What you will be doing (essentially) is visiting the blogs listed on your Statistics page and linking to them and visiting their blog (if you haven't already).

There may be additional benefits to this event, including linkbacks and thank you messages published on the Entrecard blog.

Plan on marking January 31st as the day that you place at least 10 links on your site and personally thank the top people who contribute to your blog's success.

You have the opportunity to win an ad slot on the Entrecard site (a $250 value) or up to 25,000 credits (a $125 value).

Other: Even though this may look like an attempt at increasing the number of backlinks to the Entrecard site (some people won't remove the default links), Entrecard has seen a rather sudden growth in the past month, despite some more high-profile members leaving.

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