Tuesday, November 11, 2008

A Quick Review of Dropaholics.com

I recently found a new site related to Entrecard.  Appropriate with the last post, along with the fact that this blog covers nearly everything Entreard, I figured I would write a quick review of it here (if you haven't already heard about it).

The site monitors the people who are able to drop the most cards per day, with a listing of the Top 100.  You will then be able to visit their blogs, which serves as a little reward to get on the list.

The one negative: You need to submit your blog to the site in order to even be considered.  Otherwise, you'll go unnoticed with the other top droppers who haven't visited the site.

When you visit the list of top droppers, you'll find that when you hover over a site, a hover box will appear, showing the sites that this person drops on everyday.  However, it appears that the lists are rather small (less than 60), so it might only check against the sites listed on the site and not the entire network of sites.

You can add your site to the list by visiting this page.  Then, you'll need to input your Top Card Droppers RSS link into the submission form provided on that page.

Although the site is rather basic and serves a single purpose, it may be useful to see who are the top droppers/keep track of them.

Disclaimer: I am not the owner of this site.

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Greg Mathews said...

Thanks for the review of DropaHolics.com

The site was launched just as a bit of fun really but your comments are correct in that it is a pain in the back side that blogs must register.

The reason for this is that Entrecard uses a different ID for the feeds than your blog user id. ie your userid may be 123456 but your feeds id is AHGDJHS or something and as of yet I have been unable to find a connection.

Any suggestions on this would be appreciated.