Monday, November 17, 2008

One of Most Popular Entrecard Blogs was 99% Copied

In another turn of unfortunate events, Monkey Tales, one of the most popular blogs on Entrecard for the entire time that the service was existent was uncovered to be nearly 100% copied, other than a few comments and rearranging of words in the posts.

Most of the posts were copied from this blog: Where the Hell Was I?

I won't get into much detail on it here - you can view a longer discussion at Turnip of Power.

However, it isn't the fault of Entrecard in any way.  Other services, no matter how many precautions they put in place, have blogs that filter through that have copied material.  In this case, it was nearly impossible to tell that the content wasn't original unless you happened to past a line or two into a search engine - even then, it would have been hard to uncover.


j. said...

Copyscape can be a website owner's best friend!

Michelle Gartner said...

Hmmm I think I need copyscape- no offense but I didn't care for the humor on that blog so I never let it advertise on mine. I feel bad for those who have widgets of that blog on their site or have advertised it.

Kathy at The Junk Drawer said...

I didn't care much for it either, and often wondered how he climbed to the top of EC. He had to have spent a lot of money on credits. I saw his ad everywhere.

Make Money Online said...

There will always be those who feel the quickest way to success is to rip somebody off who is better than them. Just look at Microsoft .. wait bad example .. ripping peoples ideas off turned them into an empire .. man I need to start ripping people off more often. :P