Friday, November 21, 2008

Entrecard Encourages You to Use Mixx

Graham, the owner and creator of Entrecard is promoting another service, Mixx, which has seen exponential growth since it launched just a year ago.  The service is similar to Digg in that it will help you increase traffic, while promoting your favorite posts.
Mixx Home Page

To get started in posting content to Mixx, you'll need an account, and you will then be able to recommend your content to others.

The main issue being addressed is Bounce Rate.  When you look at sites like Mixx or Digg, you will rarely ever see high click through rates and any additional income from people clicking on ads, although any additional page views will lead to at least some subscribers, new comments, etc.  The entire purpose is getting your brand and domain name out there to as many people as possible.

Mixx has about 1/28th the total unique visitors of Digg, but it'll be that much easier to have content reach the homepage, which serves more than 60,000 visitors daily. Full traffic details here.

Start by registering for Mixx or going to the Marketing Forum where you can post your recommended stories.

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