Friday, October 10, 2008

Entrecard U Drop, I Follow Plugin Released

A plugin for WordPress, which adds a link to your blog to support the movement created by Lee Doyle is now available.
Today Stuart and I have released the U Drop I Follow plugin. This plugin will display your Entrecard widget along with one of the U Drop I Follow badges.
I also hope to soon have a system in place in which the U Drop I Follow system really does give real droppers a reward fr dropping back. With Entrecards new API I will soon have a system where the top droppers get added to the top of the drop list and the lesser droppers get put further down.
This system is still new and may be awhile away from being used… But I do hope to have a new sign up form that will help build this.
You can also find it on the Plugins repository or on the author's blog.

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