Saturday, September 27, 2008

[Update] Entrecard Owner Reassures Members

In a recent post, Graham has reassured members that the site will get back on track, with no buyout, new owner, or partnership.

This means that he will try to roll out the features that he has promised, and "monetize" the site, in order to keep his goals alive.

As a result of the "sell," including the listing on SitePoint, he realized that he doesn't want to lose the business that he has helped create, the community that has followed the growth of the site - to someone that only wants to bring the site further down.

The feedback over the past two days have helped define what needs to be done to get the system returning to its original strength.

Hopefully the entire group of Entrecard members will be able to stick with the service and witness further growth.

Quote from the post:
The whole experience has been amazing, humbling, and a reality check. Entrecard is a monster. It’s a runaway train. Everyone wants a piece of it. People are lined up right now for a piece of it, including a handful of people backed by big investors who made offers to buy it outright -and that’s precisely why I’m giving a piece of it to no one.
This is my company, I created it, it is my fate to see it through. The more offers I got, the more I realized I could not let it go. I guess you could say I’ve had a religious experience, and in the past 48 hours as my international network of people willing to help me has ballooned many times over. One thing is for sure, listing the site was the best move I ever made from a business development and networking standpoint. But it’s given me a second wind, a slap in the face. I started this thing and damnit, I’m going to make it work.

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