Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Top Droppers and Referrals Past 30 Days (August)

I'd like to set this post aside to reward the top Entrecard droppers, referring sites (blogs only), top 10 posts, as well as recent advertisers.  Without these people running these blogs, this site would not be possible.

Rewarding top droppers in a similar fashion to this will help you maintain those people who drop on frequently as well as allow people who see these lists to see the benefits that dropping can provide.

Update: You can see a list (RSS feed) of my top droppers here, however the "top" droppers may be different since this post was written.

Top 20 Entrecard Droppers
These are a few of the top droppers in the past month.
  1. What About Blog - Make Money Online
  2. Templates Treasure
  3. CDub Marketing
  4. Online Biz - My Version
  5. The Success
  6. Bizphere
  7. Cyber Camote
  8. JDBelle's Insights
  9. Belleverlasting
  10. The Techsta Blog
  11. Make Money Online with Rhyan
  12. JDMaBelleverlasting's HopeFaithnLove
  13. ThemeLib
  14. WebFrap WordPress Themes Gallery
  15. About Offshoring
  16. Strategic Market Segmentation
  17. Tricks of Blogging
  18. Gmastasquirrel
  19. TLC's Haven
  20. AdSense Addict
Recent Advertisers
Advertisers help provide additional credits to the blog owner that he or she decides to advertise on; providing an additional stream of credit "revenue" simply by being a member of the Entrecard system.
Running and future advertisers.

  1. The Ad Master
  2. Authority Directory Blog
  3. Delicious CSS
  4. Identity Crisis Girl
  5. MamaFlo's Place
  6. Sonnie's Porch
  7. Gadgets Directory
  8. AdSense Addict
  9. Belleverlasting
Top 10 Referring Sites
Large sites, including SezWho, Google, and Entrecard have been left out—this post is focused on providing a thank you to the people who have linked to this blog.

  1. Work At Home Online
  2. Work at Home Wealth
  3. (Readers-only)
  4. Pinoy Business
  5. Host Your Link
  6. Jasmin's Heart
  7. Blogging for Noobs
  8. Wolverine Hacks
  9. Suplado
  10. Suplado Online
Top 10 Posts (During August)

  1. Startup Experiment Using Entrecard
  2. Entrecard Toolbar Now Available
  3. Adding the Yahoo Buzz Widget to Any Blog
  4. August 3rd Entrecard Links
  5. How to Increase the Cost of Your Ad
  6. Entrecard Teams Up with SezWho
  7. Look at the Growth and Future of Entrecard
  8. Stats for Beginners
  9. Advertise in Most Clicked-on Location (Entrecard Blog)
  10. Largest Entrecard Contest Ever

To get on one of these lists in the beginning of October (or the next time that it is posted), simply link to this blog, advertise, or become a frequent dropper.


Empty Streets said...

I'll do my best to get in your top list for this month :) hehehe

Milan said...

Humm, Listing top droppers is good way to attract more droppers. I will start it on my blog.

wolverine said...

i ma surprised why i am not a part of top droppers... m a regular dropper to this site...nywaz this month surely ill be among top 5... m happy to see my blog on top referring sites atleast...

Blogger Dai said...

still not in the list?

Well, I keep dropping...

rhyan said...

thanks for the back links :D I will try to drop more on this blog :)