Sunday, September 21, 2008

Entrecard Humor

Entrecard: Free Advertising in Exchange of Hard Work


Weezy said...

That's how I feel sometimes. I'm addicted to Sometimes I forget to write blog posts because I'm so busy dropping cards and visiting other blogs.

transparency said...

Feeling that you've nailed this topic , there's no point in visiting blogs if there's nothing to add

Yale Zeuqsalev said...

This is a great blog for those who signed up for entrecard and doesn't know what to do with it : )

MIRA said...

This is so hilarious but true! In trying to increase blog traffic through EC, we're missing what's really important, writing posts.
Random Thoughts
Mira's Web Journal
A Moment to Exhale
My Barefoot Journey
My Kitchen Table
Scrappy Mommy

Ravon said...

Haha... this is funny. Seriously I feel that I am spending too much time on entrecard too.