Monday, May 19, 2008

Major Entrecard Updates

Entrecard rolled out a number of updates today [official post], so if you are a member, you should have received an email containing them (plus the information is on their blog). This post is simply meant to highlight them and provide some of my thoughts on them for the long-term.

Official Entrecard E-Book Released
The much awaited e-book has been released, and begins at the steps dealing with setting up your first advertisement to tips for dropping more and other strategies. Taking a quick look at it, I found a lot of relevant tips, and it contains tips for both intermediate and advanced users.

Add multiple blogs to a single account
Similar to what other online services are trying to do, you only need one account for all your blogs. All you have to do to access this feature is go to your Dashboard and click "Linked Blogs" or "Switch", which is found in the header.

Entrecard - Multiple Blogs

Multiple Blogs/Switching

For users that already have more than one account, you can choose whether to link your account with another existing account or to register a new blog with Entrecard and link it to your account.

Entrecard - Linked Blogs
Linked Blogs

Terms of linked blogs:
  • Linked blogs are displayed as "other blogs by this author" on the profile page
  • There are no limits on credit transfers between linked blogs
  • When dropping, the currently active card is the card that is dropped
  • Each blog may drop on up to 300 other Entrecard sites per day
Added Campaign Categories/Features
Under the "Campaign" page, you can find added quick jump tabs to easily see the Newest, Most Popular, Cheapest, Random, or Search categories. The "Search" page will transfer you to the more familiar page for browsing Entrecard sites.

RSS Feed for Top Droppers
This feature gives you a feed for the people that are listed in the Top Droppers area, with the feed subscription/previewing link beside the table.

Entrecard - Top Droppers RSS

Top Droppers RSS Area

To get the word out about the "add new blog feature" and the new E-Book, all you have to do is write a post on your blog about the new features and posts a link to the E-Book will be eligible to win 2,000 credits.

If you add an extra blog to your account, you are automatically entered to win 15,000 credits.
For example, if you have 2-5 blogs, 5-10 blogs, 10-15 blogs, 15-20, and 20-25 blogs in your account, each category will be eligible for this prize - on winner in each category of 15,000 with 75,000 total credits!

Winners will be chosen for both contests on June 25th. This is a great way for them to get more users to add blogs to the system.

Homepage Update
As per one of the previous posts, the main site has been updated and showcases some recent posts, updated every time you change your blog by posting.

Final Thoughts
Overall, these features look like they have been well-received and should inspire people who needed to have multiple accounts before to link them altogether into a main account, making it easier to earn credits, advertise, and view stats.

The other announcements, such as the E-Book were also designed and organized well, so it is definitely sapient of you to check them out.

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