Thursday, May 1, 2008

The Best Ways to Earn Credits

Bloggers and internet marketers taking advantage of the Entrecard system realize the benefits of earning credits to help attract new visitors and potential revenue through their sites.  Although the main method of earning credits is through dropping credits via the widget on other blogs, how else can you earn credits?

These are a few of the top ways you can use to earn credits.

  1. Drop credits on other blogs.  Using this method, you are able to drop up to 300 credits on other blogs per day.  This is usually a somewhat time-consuming method unless you are categorized as a "power dropper", or someone that utilizes the tabs in the browser to decrease the amount of time it takes to reach the maximum drops.
  2. Purchase credits through other bloggers.  There are many bloggers willing to sell your credits, despite somewhat high prices.  For example, credits can run up to as much as $25 for 5,000 credits.  Purchasing credits will save you some time, and increase your revenue ability, but will set you back a few dollars.
  3. Participate in contests.  Contests have served as a good way for bloggers to increase their comments, traffic, and backlinks.  When you enter the contests, you have the ability to earn anywhere from a few credits to a few thousand.  In many cases, entering a contest doesn't take much more than a link to their blog, a review, or leaving a comment.
  4. Create a "you drop, I drop" campaign.  By adding a little widget/image (more discussion at a later date), this method will increase the chance that people will drop their card on your site, thus increasing your credits.
  5. Advertise on other blogs.  Build up a steady supply of credits by instituting the methods that I, and others have provided, to use the credits for advertising on other blogs.  Upon notification that you want to advertise on their blog, the blogger may visit your blog or leave you credits.  Down the road, they may also decide to advertise on your blog.  
  6. Create better content.  Content drives visitors to your blog/site, and as visitors increase, there is a much higher chance that those visitors will be active Entrecard users, and will drop their card on your blog.
  7. Utilize "Entrecard services".  There are many services that were designed targeting Entrecard users - from browsers to lists of Entrecard sites.  Without utilizing these at least once, you are doing yourself a disfavor, and you won't be able to experiment with different credit earning opportunities.  
  8. Be consistent.  If you are a consistent dropper, your "drop rank" will increase, and other bloggers will see this as indication that you have committed and devoted yourself to the service.  They may advertise on your site, or drop their credit more persistently when they see this.
  9. Know the ins-and-outs of the system.  What I mean by this is not by scamming or spamming anyone, but by knowing how the advertising rates and drop ability changes and what blogs yield the highest results.  Read tips from fellow bloggers and see how they make the most of the product.
While performing these tips can help earn you more traffic and credits, it is important to remember that the whole purpose of Entrecard was to help bloggers expand their knowledge of other blogs and become connected with other bloggers in the same niche. 

What tips can you present to other readers concerning how to earn credits?

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Milan said...

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